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What does your gemstone cut say about you?

From Princess to Cushion Cut, the gemstone cut you love says a lot about your personality! Trendy or classic, bold or brilliant, what will you find out about yourself through your favorite gemstone cut?


Personality & Stone Traits

Classic | Brilliant | Practical

The Round Cut was created in 1919 by a Belgian mathematician to calculate the perfect angles to catch the most light. A Round Cut Woman doesn’t sacrifice storage for style and would most likely be found wearing chic brands like Chanel and Burberry. This cut trends occasionally, but is always a top choice for engagement rings.



Personality & Stone Traits

Exciting | Romantic | Trendy

The Princess Cut was created by marrying a square cut stone with brilliant faceting. Made iconic in the 1980s, the Princess cut captures the brilliance of Round cut but with its own unique shape. A Princess Cut Woman could be found wearing Ellie Saab, Dior, and would most definitely have a Vera Wang Wedding dress for the perfect fairy tale wedding.



Personality & Stone Traits

Trailblazer | Independent | Unique

When the diamond-shaping wheel was invented, the Pear Cut was the first to be shaped on the Flemish Wheel. It takes a woman who knows who she is to choose this cut. She doesn’t care about trends, she cares about her own self and that’s it. She’ll be found in executive meetings wearing a mix of Louis Vuitton and Gucci, clashing patterns that make her stand out in all the right ways.



Personality & Stone Traits

Sensual | Noble | Visionary

Created by King Louis XV of France, he wanted a cut of ring to match the shape of his mistresses’ lips. This shape comes in and out of style, but the woman who wears the Marquise Cut knows that it won’t be long before everyone is coveting her jewelry again. You can find her at a ritzy cocktail hour in a Christian Siriano, Pucci, or Prada dress.



Personality & Stone Traits

Bold | Bright | Innovator

What was once referred to as “the Old Miner’s Cut'' was made infamous by Jennifer Lopez’ (first) engagement ring from Ben Affleck. A woman who wears the Cushion Cut knows how to get the most bang for her buck while drawing all the positive attention this cut can get. She’ll be found shopping on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Dr. wearing Balenciaga, Miu Miu, or making street wear look high-fashion.



Personality & Stone Traits

Confidence | Clarity | Logic

While the Emerald cut was created in the 1500s, it didn’t gain popularity until the 1920s art deco era. The large, smooth facets make the flaws of the stone easier to see, but the woman who wears Emerald cut knows vulnerability is strength. She’s one to shop and wear vintage designers like Givenchy, Lanvin, and William Travilla. She’s looking for quality and elegance found in Emerald cuts.


So you’ve found your perfect cut? Come visit our Diamond Experts in any Infinity Jewelry Store. Not only will you be treated like family, we’ll help find the perfect design for you.


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