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As Two Become One - Eternal Love

Infinity Jewelry is a family-owned company, started in honor of a mother and father, and symbolized by our interlocking diamonds.

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Lifetimes of Love

Established family doing business since 1987 in Puerto Rico & New York branched out in 2021 serving locals and tourists with 5 new jewelry stores in honor of their parents covering Alaska, Bahamas, Puerto Rico & Tortola. Infinity Jewelry is an authorized dealer of all brands it sells at their stores. We have a massive inventory of diamond jewelry, GIA diamonds and feature our own private label. All the Gold and more is in our store, too! If you want it, we will go to Infinity and beyond for you! Infinity Jewelry strives to provide “caring customer service” with duty-free savings, accompanied with an extended family shopping experience. We want you to become part of our Infinity Jewelry Family. So, purchase with purpose and spread love and at any of our Infinity Jewelry locations. All our in-house jewelry purchases come with a limited warranty and lifetime upgrade policy. All our brands come with a manufacture warranty.


The finest quality 

We offer the finest quality in every price range and category of jewelry!



Duty & Tax Free Shopping

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